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Do you ever have an experience where you are playing the wooden flute in a Church and someone asks you for a song that you can play? Or if that doesn’t work why not just play the note D anyway and see what happens. Does the vibration of the instrument cause one to chime in to the same tune? How can you help someone if you don’t give it a try or give it a go yourself?

Well, we are going to take a different approach to offer you some solutions.  We are going to offer you “an alternative theory” when to play the flute in church.  Go ahead, take a risk and try it. Find out if you like the new theory. Some people I’ve worked with have even used this theory and it has worked for them.

Playing a Wooden Flute 

Do your children in elementary school play the wood flute?  I know in my town of 33,000 the average age of a flutist is a schooling age with 12-19 being the average. I was 11 and saw this on a YouTube video. A young man on a sidewalk holding the flute and the words “Joe’s Flutist is open” across the top of the flute. I believed that this was cool.

Since then I have read other things about this as well. My friends who play the flute and go to church find this incredibly cool.

I went to a funeral service and read the hymn that was written by my friend John Delu cultivation. Even though there were several people who were touched by this man I heartily agreed with it. I felt it was a true attitude of love.

What about Organ?

So what about you? What if there is no flute?  What about the organ? What about an organ that is playing music but looks completely different from any other organ in the church – which would be an organ from the 1970s.  How about an organ that is played similar to an organ from a different period and sounds just like the organ your child has used in little league.

What do you do? Make a list of all the things people like about being a follower or a follower of your church beliefs.  Do you agree with this list? If so, then go ahead and play the flute as this is what the church is doing.

Sometimes the church will encourage the young members to teach the older members some teaching. Then some of the older members will teach the younger members this new thing.  In this case sometimes the music will be part of this teaching or practice.

Why does using this technique work?  Do you have to?  Sure (as with most things) that’s the fun part.   Again it has some subsidiary benefits, unexpected advance What if it works for you and your church?

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