Where to buy a flute

One main issue for a beginner who wants to learn to play the flute is where to put their first flute. There are many different schools and organizations that provide flutes to students of all levels of learning and experience level and therefore where in fact you acquire your first flute you would do well to invest in a flute school or an accredited school.

Obviously the initial investment in the tool itself is far less than the actual end product or technique, but still there’s a price. However, if you are a beginner, and you are going to purchase a set of flutes for your Studio then you has to ask yourself, “What’s my time worth to include the flute lessons in addition to anything else I might need to find out about flute practice?” Ideally, the flute lessons serve their purpose in many matters because I graduates who develop saving flute technique.

In this case learning flutes and making the initial investment wouldn’t be an issue anymore. What it would have been, in fact, is the time it takes to develop your flute technique with your teachers. I suggest you find a reputable school and teacher and put your time in. Once you get some experience with your flute, and then feel generally comfortable buying the same teaching tools with the flute lesson software by your teacher so you can study and learn at any time. I also suggest buying the flute technique book as well as the teacher’s guide.

You will develop that flute technique with each lesson and at this point that teacher can guide you on exactly what to do next. Do your homework and invest in a good flute set. I am a flute teacher currently at Ines’ studio and enjoyed the experience of introducing my students to flutes, since every flute lesson I teach is on their first flute. Students learn at their own pace and their skill level never stumbles. It is a very productive experience, and spending 5 hours a week with a good flute teacher is worth far more than all the extra money it took to purchase your flute set.

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